Make your home loan affordable again.

At Straya Home Loans,   we believe in the great Australian dream, we want to bring your plans to life, and make them happen quickly. We understand that different plans call for different types of loans. 

Which is why at Straya Home Loans our Lending Programs and Online Platform provide you with a streamlined process to make life easy.

Refinance or Purchase from 3.69%* (Comparison Rates from 4.11%*)

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At Straya, we believe in giving the Self-Employed a fair go!

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  •  Each application based on its merits. (No Credit scoring)
  •  No BAS or Trading Statements.  
  • Arrears on unsecured debts. 
  • Only self-employed for 12 months, we understand.
  • Unlimited debt consolidation (including business debts).
  • Credit Report been knocked around. 
  • Cash out on existing Security. 
  • Redraw your additional repayments when you need it.  
  • Refinance private / caveat / 2nd mortgage facilities.
  • Vacant land acceptable for security. 
  • Repay outstanding ATO debts.
  • Customer Company and Trust borrowers. 

Why Straya Home Loans? 


It is really simple!

We believe in a fair go for all Australians home owners whether you work for a boss or you work for yourself. 

We have worked really hard to bring the online channel, and the personal touch together.

Straya Home Loans is that dream mix of old world service and modern convenience you’ve been looking for.

We only invest in the best people, and we use technology to amplify our financial intelligence to benefit our clients and partners.

Apart from providing competitive interest rates, at Straya Home Loans we like to help our borrowers steer through the complex and often frustrating process of applying for a home loan.


Tools of the Trade


The home loan process can be painful and time-consuming. At Straya, we like to make things easy for our customers. Use our online calculators to see how much you can borrow and what your repayments would be. 



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If you have a question please contact us or simply fill in the call back request form below and one of our friendly Customer Service Officers will call you as soon as possible.